People can give tax-efficiently to Stewardship (as we are a UK charity), and then request donations from their Stewardship account to one of our recipients, such as IBB. This means that the client can include Gift Aid in their donation to IBB. Stewardship typically retain a 3% fee for this service.
The easiest way is by using our function ( is the page specifically for IBB). People can use it to set up an account for a regular gift, and also to make a one-off gift without creating an account if this is what they want. So it's relevant for a wider section of supporters.
However, the PDF forms are available for those who prefer to do things on paper. You'll see there are two – one is the Direct Debit mandate, which it's important is completed.
Our Giving Services team will be able to help with any further queries that you have about your recipient account, and they can be contacted at or 0208 502 8560.

We are most grateful to God for financial support received over the years from folk in the UK who are persuaded that our gospel-centred vision is worth backing. It is now (since December 2019) possible to give to IBB in a tax-efficient way – via Stewardship. Details feature below (the author is Rhian Canning of Stewardship who can be contacted on For any who may be able to pray for the Institute, a prayer diary is available in English ( Very many thanks for any and every expression of support.

Cloud Download PDF — I would like to open a giving account Cloud Download PDF — Instruction to your bank